Clint Goss, Vera Shanov, Eric Miller, Lynn Miller, Ron Kravitz

Jam Haven staff have extensive experience in music facilitation. They are all graduates of Music for People and have worked together for 14 years at Flute Haven Native Flute School.

Clint Goss Ph.D is the founder of FluteHaven Native flute school and Flute Harvest, two of the top Native Flute schools on this planet. Clint is a performer on world flutes and an array of ethnic fusion world instruments.

Ron Kravitz is a percussionist who introduced the original PanArt Hang drum to America, as he was the only US distributor for PanArt. Ron plays a ton of different percussion instruments and has a soulful voice. Ron is known for his Music in the Moment workshops and drum circles in the Philadelphia area.

Lynn Miller is both a Music therapist and Sound Healer. She is the author of SpiritArts, Transformation through Creating Art, Music and Dance. Lynn is a vocalist, guitarist and plays an array of hybrid world string instruments. She was on staff for Music for People for 17 years. Visit her site

Eric Miller Ph.D. is a Music therapist and author of BioGuided Music therapy.Eric has taught Music therapy at the University of North Dakota, MontClaire University and Immaculata University. He plays guitar, banjo, mandolin and bass. Eric was the executive director for Music for People for 17 years.

The staff have facilitated around the world including India, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand. They have also taught at retreat centers such as Kiental in Switzerland and at Omega Institute.