Eric and Lynn Miller welcome you to JamHaven!

We just had our 3-day workshop June 23-25/2023

We can’t wait to do it again in 2024, probably in the fall….

We hope you come join us next year! It’s all about finding JOY in music making & playing from our heart. Although a lot of Native Flute players attended, we invite all instruments and levels of experience.

Our opening reception, had refreshments as we told stories of our musical history and shared a song.

Saturday 10-5pm was the main workshop at the Cosmic Arts Studio in Pottstown, PA. This unique space was full of inspiration with visual art, sculptures a stage and PA. We had 2 rooms for breakouts. We had teaching Blocks, Breakouts and jamming skills in duets, trios, quartets and whole group configurations.

Sunday 10-12pm focused on playing with Koto, tamboura, tibetan bowls and Native flutes. Then we had a Soundbath.

Come next year for some FUN, Inspiration, Musicianship, Community, Self-Expression and Creativity

You can be our first supporter by buying us a coffee, thanx