Fri: Reception6-8 pm – Bonfire & chanting + native flutes!

Sat: Main workshop 10am – 5pm Cosmic Arts Studio: We are now on the 1st floor.

Short large group facilitations, lots of small group breakouts!

  • Develop skills in playing in the moment and listening
  • Experience deep musical connections and playing from the heart
  • Explore your inner music
  • Skills in voice, percussion, guitar/ or playing with other instruments
  • Lots of opportunity for jamming
  • All instruments and levels of experience welcome
photo by Julie Weber

Sun: 10am-12pm- Healing Arts Studio, Phoenixville, PA: Sound healing and closing!

  • Opportunity to play Tibetan singing bowls and explore giving and receiving sound
  • Stimulate the vagus nerve through Vocal Vagal Toning for nervous system regulation and well-being
  • Receive a Sound bath


Full 3 day workshop $135. and Sat only $115. Registration HERE

Cosmic Arts has a large space with stage
Cosmic Arts Studio 2nd floor